Wycoller Country Park is one of the prettiest country parks in Lancashire. The area is famous for its association with the Brontë sisters who referred to many of the nearby landmarks in books such as Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. The County Council owns much of the land in Wycoller, the ruins and provides facilities and a Ranger service.

The exclusion of cars from the village and the attractive appearance of the many preserved old buildings creates a unique feeling of tranquillity which is rarely experienced today, but that is under threat.

Twelve months ago in the Labour budget at County Hall, which was supported by the Lib Dems, it was proposed to axe countryside funding including for Wycoller Country Park.

The County Council had been working towards a deal for a charity to take on Wycoller, but that has just fallen through and there is no more money allocated for the Country Park.

We’re a group of Councillors calling on the County Council to provide emergency funding for Wycoller so that the service can continue there whilst a new long term solution is found.

Paul White, Jenny Purcell, Joe Cooney
Pendle Councillors


“We urge the County Council to provide emergency funding to Wycoller Country Park to allow services to remain open there whilst a long term solution can be found”.


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